Regulation F Webinar 2021

2021 Customer First Webinar

The Impact of Healthcare Payment Processing on Medical Practices

REPAY Announces Partnership with Credit Management Company

How a Payment Processor Can Help Collection Agencies

5 Ways to Improve the Patient Payment Experience

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How to Choose the Right Payment Provider for Credit Unions

Biggest Payment Processing Challenges for Hospitals in 2021

Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2021: Top Risks & Best Precautions

Building Your Member Base in 2021 with Mobile Payments

BillingTree partners with MeridianLink®to offer full integration in collections software platform

How Credit Unions Can Strengthen Their Member Relationships in 2021

What Happens When Your Merchant Account Gets Dropped?

6 Ways the ARM Industry is Different Webinar

The Credit Union’s Guide to Mobile and Online Payments

IVR Payments for Your Collections Business

Why Payment Integrations Matter in Collections

Collections Payments Best Practices During a Pandemic

Credit Unions Rise to the Occasion: How Your Business Can do the Same

Could the Customer Experience Be The Key to Increased Collections?

The Key to Successful Healthcare Payment Processing Going Forward

Product Release Notes 6-24-2020

The Future of Payment Processing for Credit Unions

Account Updater: Your Business’s Key to Payment Continuity

How Recurring Payments Can Help Drive Your Business Forward

Moving Forward in Healthcare Debt Collections

Recurring Payments

Product Release Notes – May 21st 2020

How to Boost Your Revenue Cycle

How to Change the Way Your Customers Think About Payments

Payment Processing Trends to Give Financial Institutions an Advantage Post-COVID

Product Release Notes: May 7th, 2020

Compliance is Key in Collections Payment Processing

Why Choose BillingTree for Collections Payment Processing

How Online Portals Can Help Fuel Delivery Companies During COVID-19

The Future of the Collections Industry Post COVID-19

Contactless Payments: Solving New Challenges in Healthcare Collections

How Payment Portals Can Help Your Healthcare Business Grow

Misconceptions in the Collections Industry with Mark Neeb

Contactless is No Longer an Option for Credit Unions

How Text Payments Can Help Your Business Grow

Why Now is the Time for Digital Payments in the Fuel Delivery Space

Increase Online Payments with the Right Payment Provider

Improving the Patient Payment Experience

Why You should Update Your Practice’s Healthcare Payment System

Reporting Modules – TSYS

Why You Should Consider Mobile Billing and Payments for Your Healthcare Business

Hosted Payments Form

Data Exchange Plus

API Marketplace Integrations

Account Updater

What are Merchant Services?

The Importance of Compliance in Payment Processing

Your Business is Growing, Now What?

Top 5 Benefits of IVR Phone Payments

Why Recurring Payments are Crucial to Your Business

Customer First Webinar (2/20/2020)

How a Merchant Category Code (MCC) Works

Capturing Millennials through Payment Processing

Top 7 Customer Loyalty Strategies

Use Payment Data to Understand Your Customers

How ACH Transfers Work

Top Reasons to Use SMS Payments for Your Business

Recurring Payments: A Key Tool for Scaling Your Business

Top 5 Benefits of IVR Payment Processing

How Your Dental Practice Can Benefit from Recare Trends

How Accepting eChecks Reduces Payment Processing Costs

What Are Merchant Services and Why Do They Matter?

How to Prevent Chargebacks in Business

Navigating the Credit Card Processing eCommerce Ecosystem

Automated Payments, the Future of Healthcare Payment Processing

What Are Credit Card Processing Interchange Fees?

Payment Methods: What We Learned in 2019

Practice Management Meeting

2020 RMAi Annual Conference

Fraud Protection During the Holiday Season

Medical Payment Processing: Choosing the Best Portal for Your Small Medical Business

ACA Fall Forum

Payrazr Hosted Payments Helps You Accept Payments Online Fast

Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance Conference

Used Car Week 2019

AZ Collectors Association Annual Meeting

HomeTown Health Annual Fall Conference

CCUA 2019 Annual Meeting, Convention and Trade Show

To EMV or Not to EMV…is it even a question?

Customer First Webinar – September 2019

Improved Patient Experience Increases Overall Healthcare Revenue Collection

Southwest ACA Conference & Expo

AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo

CAC Annual Conference

FrameworkLTC Annual Users Conference

Symitar Educational Conference & TechConnect

Prodigy Unite Annual Meeting

Tri-State Collections Convention

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Could Customer Service Be The Key to Increased Collections?

Telrock Integrates with BillingTree to Lower Costs and Increase Collections

FCA Annual Conference

Northeast Debt Collection Expo

HBMA 2019 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference


PowerUp 2019

CDS CollectOne User Conference

Allied Solutions CNC

Seven Trends in the Auto Finance Payment Processing Sector

A Guide to Advertising Your Credit Union’s Online and Mobile Presence

What’s Really Important to Patients? High-Quality Healthcare Billing Solutions Come Out on Top

Four Ways to Face Today’s Healthcare Collection Challenges

Making the Case for Updating Your Practice’s Healthcare Payment Solutions

An Insight into Private Practice Healthcare Receivables

Looking for Better HPS Solutions? Try Reducing Costs These Four Ways

Don’t Get Complacent About Compliance

The Latest Worrying Statistics About Medical Accounts Receivable Collections

The Two Main Reasons Why You Need A Better Medical Billing Solution

Reducing the Healthcare Administrative Burden – Can Medical Payment Processing Solutions Help?

Phoenix Financial Solutions, Inc. Integrates with BillingTree and Care-Ware to Provide Loan Servicing to BHPH Dealers in Ohio & Beyond

An Overview of The Economic Trends of The Healthcare Payment System in 2019

Cybersecurity – How Can You Achieve It with an Electronic Healthcare Payment System?

Using Healthcare Payment Solutions to Improve the Millennial Patient Experience

Your Guide to Boosting the Healthcare Revenue Cycle of Your Hospital

Your Guide to Streamlining Health Payment Systems with A Virtual Terminal

Changing Attitudes Toward Healthcare Payments

Why Are Automated Payment Solutions for Healthcare Organizations So Important?

What Are the Obstacles to Value-Based Care Adoption?

RMA Executive Summit

ACA International Convention & Expo

Three Top Tips for Payment Processing for Healthcare

HFMA Annual Conference

ACA CO/WY/NM Unit Annual Convention

NAFCU Annual Conference and Solutions Expo

America’s Credit Union Conference

Collect! User Conference

MCUL/CUSG Annual Convention & Exposition

Are Satisfied Patients the Answer to Better Medical Account Receivables Collection?

How Can Health Payment Solutions Help When Patients Argue?

Corelation Client Conference

GLCCA Annual Conference

HFMA Region 1 Annual Conference

Northwest Collectors Conference

Michigan ACA Annual Conference

2019 CRS

AAO Annual Session

Introducing New Healthcare Payment Solutions? A Guide to Coping with Change in The Office

Could Adopting the Best Healthcare Payments Industry Solutions Save Your Practice Money?

Your Guide to Implementing A Card on File Healthcare Payment Processing Solution

Hacks for Increasing Your Practice’s Bank Balance

BillingTree Adds Proven Chief Operating Officer Terri Harwood to Executive Leadership Team

Are Electronic Payments for Healthcare the Answer to Successful Collection of Patient Payments?

Can Cutting-Edge AI Improve Healthcare Payment Processing?

Healthcare Payment Services Challenges for Your Private Practice

Eight Healthcare Payment Systems Statistics That May Shock You

Webinar: Text Messaging in ARM – Compliant Use Cases, Risks and Potential Pitfalls

HomeTown Health Annual Spring Conference

ORCA Spring Convention

Three Reasons Why Patient Payment Plans Can Improve Your Healthcare Payment Systems

Why Does More Than 50 Percent of Generation Z Miss Payments?

Keeping Revenue Within Your Practice with Merchant Accounts for Healthcare

Four Expert Health Payment Solution Tips to Boost Reimbursement

Are Your Solutions for Healthcare Patient Payments Ready For 2019?

Major Factors Set to Affect Financial Institutions In 2019

Are Payment Plans the Key to Persuading Patients to Complete Their Treatments?

Are There Any Hidden Risks in Choosing Offshore Healthcare Billing Solutions?

Which Key Technologies Should Your Independent Medical Practice Invest In?

Four Primary Differences Between B2B and B2C Payments

Top 3 Reasons to Consider B2B Payment Gateways for Your Small Business

End-of-Year Figures from 2018 Show Climbing Consumer Debt

Avoiding Three Key Mistakes in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)

Etactics Integrates BillingTree Payment Gateway into its New Single Point of Access Customer Portal

Southeast Regional Conference

Debt$Net Integrates BillingTree Technology Bringing Clients Access to Innovative Payment Services

2019 Transact

2019 Temenos Educational Conference

2019 NCUCA

Allied Solutions National Sales Meeting

Midwest Collection Conference

The Latest Techniques and Trends in Healthcare Debt Collections

2019 ARM Industry Survey Opens to Kick Off Annual BillingTree Operations and Technology Research Series

Which New Challenges Are Facing Hospitals in Terms of Self-Pay Collections?

Minimizing the Risk of Cyberattacks with the Right Healthcare Payment Services

2019’s Top Six Factors with an Impact on Healthcare Finance

Help Your B2B Business by Taking A Proactive Approach to Recovering Debts

The Top 4 Factors Affecting SMEs During 2019

How Can Data Drive Smarter Decisions for Credit Unions?

Three Chief Financial Officer Tips for Accounts Receivable Management

Spotting the Key Signs of An Accounts Receivable System Problem

Christine Lee joins BillingTree as Chief Executive Officer bringing 30+ years payments experience to emerging fintech powerhouse

Credit Unions Encouraged to Thrive on Change

ACA Spring Forum & Expo

MHA Annual Business Summit

MGMA Financial Conference

HFMA Dixie Institute

Chicago Dental Society MidWinter Meeting


RMA International Annual Conference

Customer First Webinar – January 2019

Seven Top ARM Solutions for Making Cash from Your Accounts Receivable

Digital Trends That No Financial Institution Should Overlook In 2019

Could Better Customer Service Be the Answer to Better Collection of Accounts Receivable?

Key Statistics About Healthcare Payment Systems You Should Know Today