How Your Dental Practice Can Benefit from Recare Trends

The effectiveness of your collections management system is one of the most crucial elements of a successful dental practice. Your payment system needs to offer more than just the ability to accept debit and credit payments; it needs to tie into better patient care as well.

In this competitive market, we understand the importance of recare, follow-ups, and how that all ties into your collections process. First, let’s see how the right software can impact your business when it comes to proper recare and data management.

Recare for Dental Practices

First, what is recare? Recare, otherwise known as “recall,” is the process of reactivating patients you’ve previously seen that are due, slightly overdue, or past due for their next appointment.

Let’s face it, getting patients to look after their own health can be like pulling teeth, sometimes worse. Typically, people don’t want to see their dentist and will go to great lengths to avoid it, even when they really need to go. As a healthcare professional, you make it easier for them to avoid their visits when you don’t have a recare system in place.

When your platform can create custom, industry-specific standard reports, you can plan your office schedule in a way that saves you time and money.

In fact, BillingTree offers the ability to create custom reporting that works for your specific needs, all of which can be scheduled for delivery, automatically. This way, you can make data-driven decisions that will elevate your business and the level of care you can offer.

Benefits of Setting Up a Recare System for Your Dental Office

When you have a platform that handles both payments and allows you to create custom reporting, you can effectively;

  • Plan ahead so you can schedule appointments
  • Cut costs spent on employee-driven searches and manual reporting
  • Offer better care to patients
  • Create a cycle of recare that creates better relationships with your patients

We’ll use an example to make things a little clearer. What if you just have one appointment on a certain day. Any number of things could happen, they could cancel and you’d be left with a plethora of expenses. Knowing this ahead of time gives you the option to reschedule those appointments or market a recare campaign to patients that need it (using email blasts) to fill up those underutilized days. If you consider the number of days like that you have throughout the year, you can see how the savings start to stack up quickly.

In short, we make it easy to see your total expected production based on a selected timeframe by providing a breakdown with custom reporting.


Undervaluing recare is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a healthcare provider. You need software that can help you manage patient treatment and tie that into your payment processing for a flawless experience. At BillingTree, we link all these elements together to give you and your patients more than you ever thought possible. Learn more, here.

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