Why Now is the Time for Digital Payments in the Fuel Delivery Space

Running a successful oil and propane business can be difficult and time-consuming. With everything from being industry certified to managing your list of clients, the last thing you’d need is a complicated payment system to cause more problems than it solves. That’s why so many fuel delivery companies are making the switch to digital payments, optimizing the process for both you and your customers.

There are many reasons to get started with digital payments, but we’ve put together a list of the top 5, so you can make a more informed decision.

<h2>5 reasons to Make the Switch to Digital Payments</h2>

Reduces costs on paper, checks, stamps, etc. 

Let’s face it; digital is just cheaper and often more predictable when you’re calculating quarterly budgets. Having to pay for every stamp, envelope, and printed invoice adds up quickly. By making the switch to digital payments, you’re cutting a lot of these costs in one fell swoop.

Gets you paid faster

Time is money, literally. If you consider the number of resources you spend on a single account and the time it takes you to get paid for rending your service and product, then you know the faster you get paid, the better. Digital payments help speed up the process considerably.

With traditional checks, it could take weeks for you to get paid. Yet, with digital, you can see real-time payments, offering a better experience for your customers.

Saves time manually sending and chasing down invoices

Getting paid faster is nice, but freeing up your staff is the real game-changer. It’s hard to expand or offer better customer support when your team is busy tracking down customer information and sending out invoices on an individual level.

By making the switch to digital payments, customers can log in to their accounts and make payments the day they’re due.

Allows customers to pay you 24-hours-a-day

Being able to accept payments 24/7 is another significant benefit to using a digital payment system. If your customers want to make a payment, but your staff is gone for the day, you’re wasting money and giving them a bad customer experience.

On the other hand, with digital payments, your customers can log in any time and make a payment whenever it’s most convenient for them. If your customers don’t have a computer handy, they can also use tools like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to call a number and make their payment over the phone.

Easier for customers to make recurring payments 

With fuel, it’s usually not a single transaction that takes place. Your customers are going to continue using your services over and over again. That’s why managing recurring payments should be fast, simple, and convenient.


While the world of fuel can be chaotic with shifting prices, regulations, and whatever else the world throws at you, your payment processing system should be the rock that holds steady throughout.

Give customers a better payment experience while reducing administrative costs and speeding up the process at the same time.


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