Why Recurring Payments are Crucial to Your Business

The world is quickly moving toward a subscription-based economy. Where once you would only make payments for large-sum transactions like mortgages, cars, and hospital bills, many businesses have made it a point of pride to offer luxury items on a month-to-month basis. However, this is nothing new. Recurring payments have been around for a long time. Still, businesses are just starting to see the potential of this fast and convenient way of managing payments.

This brings us to some benefits of implementing recurring payments for your business and how they can help make your operation more efficient.

Options, Options, Options

It’s been shown that the more options you provide customers, the more likely they are to become engaged customers. According to creditcards.com35% of Americans were enrolled in recurring payments. I, for one, have multiple streaming-based subscriptions, and I don’t see myself canceling them any time soon.

Let’s use a different example. Let’s say you have a dental bill for $1200, and you can only afford to pay $200 a month. Are you likely to go with the dentist that makes you mail in a check or the one with an online portal, where you can quickly set up recurring payments? I think we all know the answer to that one. There is always going to be competition, no matter what industry you’re in. You need to adapt and make the payment experience more convenient if you want to thrive.

Automated Options

Automating is best for both business and customer and especially useful for B2B companies. When it comes down to it, every business will order something in bulk, whether that’s napkins for a restaurant or printing paper for the office.

Automated payments are the perfect tool for B2B businesses that want to make it easier for customers to pay and keep paying.

Get Paid Faster 

A big part of what makes a successful business is the ability to assess your expenses and income accurately. Recurring or automated payments makes it simple to manage your overall monthly payments, making your revenue stream easy to predict, analyze, and forecast.

Saves Time and Resources

Time? Money? What’s the difference? When you or your staff don’t have to manually manage each payment, you’re spending a lot less time and fewer resources on something that can be accomplished with the click of a button.

This tool helps put the focus back onto the things that matter and gives you the freedom to start thinking of new and exciting ways to improve.


Recurring payments help in a lot more ways than you might expect. Not only can you build an entire business model around them, but they also help you retain your customers by making their experience more convenient.

In total, recurring payments save you time, money, and help you build better relationships and engagement with your customers.

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