Why Payment Integrations Matter in Collections

Integrated Solutions for Collections Payments

In what has now become a competitive digital landscape, since COVID-19, a large majority of agencies today require simple-to-use, automated solutions to meet growing consumer demand for diverse payment options. Gone are the days of cash and mailed checks. If you want to reach your customers and increase on-time payments, your agency needs to get with the times.

However, the majority of collections software has not allowed for the real-time acceptance and processing of payments directly through more modern interfaces you see from other industries (online portal, text, mobile devices, etc.). As a result, manual data entry and payment reconciliation are necessary, placing an enormous strain on both your users and your employees.

A More Integrated Approach to Collections Payment Processing

As a business owner, you’ve probably seen some of the latest on-demand solutions that can be implemented to enhance your existing software. The trouble is often making the initial switch. Not only can this process by time-consuming, but it can also result in a thousand different headaches you never thought possible. However, that’s where BillingTree shines brightest.

By providing simplicity, value, and functionality through a seamless interface and convenient mobile solutions, BillingTree’s Payrazr solution has developed a unique, integrated approach to collections payments. This makes this transition as easy as possible.

With our cutting-edge software and integration partners, businesses don’t need to replace their existing systems or waste precious hours on staff training. We offer services to take care of all of the heavy lifting, via integration.

Through BillingTree’s Payrazr solution, your customers can accept one time and recurring payments with your native applications. Also, transactions that are accepted through peripheral-payment channels, including website payments, IVR transactions, and check conversion, can be automatically posted into the application.

We understand that making the switch is always the hardest part, and that’s what we continue to improve year over year because we know that once you get started, the battle is already won.


Regardless of the issues you may encounter taking payments, as a leading payment solutions provider, we have the integrated solutions that can help you solve them.

By working with a payment processor like BillingTree, your clients will be able to accept electronic check payments and card payments quickly, reducing turnaround time and improving the overall customer experience for your collections business.

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